Padlet can be a great technology tool used in the classroom to promote classroom collaboration for sharing research and information. Students have the capabilities to add information to the "padlet" by either typing in text, uploading a file, photo, or a video or students can add an embedded link to share on this virtual wall. Students can also analyze and comment on what their classmates have posted.

The links located in the Padlet below will allow you to see what experts are saying about padlet, and also what teachers are using Padlet for.

Want to start using Padlet tomorrow? Here are ten ways you can implement it immediately:
  1. Create a wall where students can post their questions during class discussions, lectures, or new content. Then, at the end, pull up the Padlet and answer each question!
  2. Assign students a topic you have already and have them create quick digital posters as summaries for review. Then, share the links with the whole class for a pain-free, classroom-wide study guide!
  3. Create and set-up ongoing portfolios within minutes to showcase student work.
  4. Create a feedback wall where students can post suggestions and express concerns anonymously.
  5. Create a shared wall between your department and post resources as you find them.
  6. Build a matching exercise on the wall and have students rearrange the photos and text to solve.
  7. Use it as a place to gather student reflections on learning.
  8. Create a thank you wall where students post their individual messages and share the link with stakeholders.
  9. Create an on-going book review wall.
  10. Use it as a way to gather sentence-starters and writing prompts for student’s individual writing.
  11. Create a digital map and have students post their findings about new cultures.
  12. Ask a question about last night’s reading and gather student responses in one place.

This collaborative tool is a great avenue to allow the students to analyze the sources that other classmates bring to the table, as well as receive constructive criticism on how they acquire and use the information they find. If students are able to peer review, then they have acquired what is needed for them in the area of research and information fluency to dissect the influx of information they come in contact with effectively. Now it's your turn to practice using Padlet. Answer the following question by adding your answer to the Padlet page. Double click on the work space to add your answer, it's that easy!

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