With the amount of information available, it may seem impossible to be an expert in any particular area. However, by using a few strategies as suggested in the video and model below, anyone can become an expert on any specific topic.

The 5 A's of Information Fluency
ASK . . . ACQUIRE . . . ANALYZE . . . APPLY . . . ASSESS

More information about the 5 A's of Information Fluency can be found in the Quickstart Guide provided by the Global Digital Citizen Foundation.
Quickstart Guide: The 5 A's of Information Fluency

Understanding Check
Click on the link below to check up on your understanding of the 5 A's of information fluency. The link will open in a new page so you can come back to this page as needed while working on the puzzle. After typing in each word, press enter. If the word turns green, it is correct. If the word turns red, try again.

The 5 A's of Information Fluency Crossword Puzzle

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