If you were to hold a conversation with your students about what truly happens when they conduct research and examine the information they receive, it would sound just like the one in the video above. The Big 6 is another model that supports the metacognitive process so that students are able to address the influx of information efficiently as they continue to learn and move into higher education and/or professional settings. Eisenberg's model has 6 stages that can be completed in any order because it is not designed to be a linear model. In addition, this model can and should be integrated as a process or approach, and should not be isolated as outlined by Eisenberg in Information Literacy: Essential Skills for the Information Age.

The video below will explain the stages outlined by Eisenberg in The Big 6 model.

Below is a wallet size card to help you quickly remember the six stages and their substages. Remember this is not a linear model, nor are the skills meant to be isolated. Here is a link to free and priced products on the Big 6 website.


Understanding Check

Click on the link below to check up on your understanding of The Big 6. The link will open in a new page so you can come back to this page as needed while working on the puzzle. After typing in each word, press enter. If the word turns green, it is correct. If the word turns red, try again.

The Big 6 Crossword Puzzle

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